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Hey girl hey!

Hey girl, heyyy!

I’m Cheyenne, your personal cheerleader!

I’m a 24-year old perfectionism coach and blogger.


I help womxn end perfectionism and leap out of their quarter life crisis! I graduated from college in 2018 and struggle bussed my way to the joy I experience today.


I experienced immense unfulfillment, discouragement, exhaustion, and I just felt bleh.


I knew there had to be more to life post-grad than going to a sucky job, constantly having an overdraft checking account and drowning my unhappiness in bottles of moscato.


Now that I’ve got my footing, I wanna help you get yours!


Life doesn’t have to suck, you truly can have it all.


I help womxn end perfectionism, get through their quarter-life crisis, and leap out of their post-grad scaries by demystifying the spiritual and equipping them with practical tools. You can check out more about coaching offers here.

The Blog

I blog for those who enjoy picking the brain of those going through similar (or different) experiences than their own. You'll find some humor, sarcasm, life lessons and so much more. Check it all out here.

About Me

Cheyenne helps women overcome post-grad life scaries and end perfectionism!


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